Beginner’s guide to search engine marketing

In this technically evolved ‘smart’ era of internet savvy generation or rather generations, the use of a search engine in daily life is almost inevitable. Undoubtedly, Google is the God, followed by Bing, Yahoo search, and more.
Frankly, whenever we key in something in the search bar and the results appear we go for the few initial results. That implies it is essential for any website to appear in the initial search engine results in order to gain more traffic or simply put to be more visible.

People at large are likely to go for the initial ten, five or maybe even just the initial three results listed. The likeliness of proceeding further is only when there is very less relevant content found on the initially listed websites.
The million dollar question is how to appear in the initial search results of the search engines? The answer is three simple words search engine marketing.

Search engine marketing

The purpose of search engine marketing is to make a website more visible in the search engine results pages (SERP). This marketing is split into two categories, paid and unpaid results. The term search engine marketing or SEM is now-a-days associated with the paid marketing and search engine optimization is associated with the organic results of the search engine. To refer to both types of digital marketing the term “search marketing” is used. To make a website visible in the top SERP through the paid channel is done by simply paying the search company.

Search engine optimization

This is the process used to attain a higher SERP rank organically or the unpaid version of search marketing. How a search engine determines which website should rank higher is a complex procedure. All search engines have algorithms to achieve the results, these algorithms analyse multiple factors to deduce their results. Also, these algorithms keep changing or rather are updated to deliver relevant searches.

Global Computer Genetics is a pioneer in search engine optimization. We employ the latest ‘On page’ and ‘Off page’ SEO techniques to make the client’s website appear higher in the SERP.

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