The significance of testimonials on an ecommerce website

Getting in consumer traffic is on the cards of every ecommerce website, irrespective of the products or services offered by them. Well, that is the very purpose of marketing. When a website boasts of customer satisfaction, they are on the right path. As, customer satisfaction is the key to retain customers and also to add new customers. Testimonials reveal how satisfied the customers of an ecommerce website are.


New visitors on any ecommerce website gain confidence and are motivated to do business, after going through the statement of satisfaction by actual customers of the site. Textual or video testimonials are inputs by some of the most satisfied customers of the site. Indirectly, these customers are marketing or giving a thumbs up for the site. This brings in clarity in the mind of new customers, the product (s) or services offered by the ecommerce website are genuine and effective.


Collecting testimonials


The two very effective methods of collecting testimonials are via the social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) and by requesting a feedback through email. The link in the email brings the customers on the website for their review. Messages and reviews on the social media platforms from the most satisfied customers ought to be produced on the ecommerce website. Revealing to the world what people are saying about the website and how great they feel dealing with them is a remarkable marketing strategy.


Selecting testimonials


There would be a flood of testimonials when an ecommerce website is targeting to achieve genuine customer satisfaction. For obvious reasons, all the testimonials cannot be displayed on a page. How to choose the most effective ones?


The generalized statements like “nice things”, “good product” should be avoided. Using descriptive testimonials would be effective in conversion of new customers. Testimonials where a customer has given actual evaluation of a product or a service, specifying what was good or extraordinary about it should be chosen.
Any negative comment should be used to rectify the mistake, customer satisfaction is utmost important to succeed in business.


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