Give your website visitors a rich experience by using Flash

Originally owned by Macromedia, Flash is one of the best known multimedia software platforms. It was back in 2005 when Macromedia’s closest rival Adobe acquired it. Adobe Flash is used to create a variety of applications including mobile games, internet applications, browser games, animations, mobile and desktop applications.
Designing a website in Flash makes it a splendid choice as it offers a rich graphical experience to the visitor. Many web designers prefer Flash as it is quite popular with the internet surfers as well. Flash web design services are offered by top notch web designers to create a magical effect in a website. In fact there are many tricks on the internet that can be performed effectively using Flash.
Why use Flash?
Who has not played a Flash game? Individuals, who had never ever been to a farm, were busy plucking vegetables and fruits in Farmville, at the comfort of their home or office. There are many other popular games built in Flash. A Flash web design offers a graphical, interactive experience to the visitor. Depending upon the purpose of the website, some sites cannot be created ignoring Flash. Smart website owners make use of Flash web design services to enhance their customer base and page views.
Being browser and operating system independent, a Flash web designer knows the site would be seen properly by everyone with a Flash plugin. One more interesting feature of Flash games is there are no browser support problems.
Animations in Flash
If we say computers were built to compute, Flash was created to animate. The foremost use of Flash has always been to create animation. Getting the animation done from a proficient Flash web design services company makes sense. Playing around with Vector graphics in Flash is fun and adds value to the website.
Many people are unaware that Flash applications are capable of performing script actions, just like the server side scripts.
Flash web design services by Global Computer Genetics
We have used Flash skilfully to create business, entertainment and education websites for our clients. We have the knowledge, man power and the resources to create spell bounding Flash websites. The testimonials of our clients reveal more than we say about our skill.

Beginner’s guide to search engine marketing

In this technically evolved ‘smart’ era of internet savvy generation or rather generations, the use of a search engine in daily life is almost inevitable. Undoubtedly, Google is the God, followed by Bing, Yahoo search, and more.
Frankly, whenever we key in something in the search bar and the results appear we go for the few initial results. That implies it is essential for any website to appear in the initial search engine results in order to gain more traffic or simply put to be more visible.

People at large are likely to go for the initial ten, five or maybe even just the initial three results listed. The likeliness of proceeding further is only when there is very less relevant content found on the initially listed websites.
The million dollar question is how to appear in the initial search results of the search engines? The answer is three simple words search engine marketing.

Search engine marketing

The purpose of search engine marketing is to make a website more visible in the search engine results pages (SERP). This marketing is split into two categories, paid and unpaid results. The term search engine marketing or SEM is now-a-days associated with the paid marketing and search engine optimization is associated with the organic results of the search engine. To refer to both types of digital marketing the term “search marketing” is used. To make a website visible in the top SERP through the paid channel is done by simply paying the search company.

Search engine optimization

This is the process used to attain a higher SERP rank organically or the unpaid version of search marketing. How a search engine determines which website should rank higher is a complex procedure. All search engines have algorithms to achieve the results, these algorithms analyse multiple factors to deduce their results. Also, these algorithms keep changing or rather are updated to deliver relevant searches.

Global Computer Genetics is a pioneer in search engine optimization. We employ the latest ‘On page’ and ‘Off page’ SEO techniques to make the client’s website appear higher in the SERP.

The significance of testimonials on an ecommerce website

Getting in consumer traffic is on the cards of every ecommerce website, irrespective of the products or services offered by them. Well, that is the very purpose of marketing. When a website boasts of customer satisfaction, they are on the right path. As, customer satisfaction is the key to retain customers and also to add new customers. Testimonials reveal how satisfied the customers of an ecommerce website are.


New visitors on any ecommerce website gain confidence and are motivated to do business, after going through the statement of satisfaction by actual customers of the site. Textual or video testimonials are inputs by some of the most satisfied customers of the site. Indirectly, these customers are marketing or giving a thumbs up for the site. This brings in clarity in the mind of new customers, the product (s) or services offered by the ecommerce website are genuine and effective.


Collecting testimonials


The two very effective methods of collecting testimonials are via the social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) and by requesting a feedback through email. The link in the email brings the customers on the website for their review. Messages and reviews on the social media platforms from the most satisfied customers ought to be produced on the ecommerce website. Revealing to the world what people are saying about the website and how great they feel dealing with them is a remarkable marketing strategy.


Selecting testimonials


There would be a flood of testimonials when an ecommerce website is targeting to achieve genuine customer satisfaction. For obvious reasons, all the testimonials cannot be displayed on a page. How to choose the most effective ones?


The generalized statements like “nice things”, “good product” should be avoided. Using descriptive testimonials would be effective in conversion of new customers. Testimonials where a customer has given actual evaluation of a product or a service, specifying what was good or extraordinary about it should be chosen.
Any negative comment should be used to rectify the mistake, customer satisfaction is utmost important to succeed in business.


The GCG touch


At Global Computer Genetics, we provided customized ecommerce web development. We put in our best efforts to create an exemplary, user friendly ecommerce website. Hence, we share the best advice through experience and from the experts of the industry.