Choosing a programming language for Mobile application development

Businesses and organizations across the globe want their presence on mobile platforms. Mobiles and tablets are no more mere gadgets, they are companions rather. Companies and organizations can reach their audience faster through mobile based applications.
A competent Android and iOS application development company will choose the most suited programming languages for their work in order to remain the market leaders. Hence, we aim to give an overview of the preferred programming languages for mobile application development here.
We will take a swift look at Swift, pun intended. This is a comparatively new programming language developed by Apple Inc. for their innovative products. Swift programming language is used to write code for Appleā€™s latest APIs Cocoa and Cocoa touch. As an iOS development company, we have professionals trained in Swift to develop the best apps for iOS platform.
Objective C
Prior to Swift, Objective C was the programming language for Apple. Although, Swift is designed to work in conjunction with Objective C, so the professionals who have been developing great applications for iOS platforms using Objective C do not face issues. Apple wants a gradual switch over to Swift.
Web-fronted applications for mobile gadgets are developed with ease using the HTML5 programming language. Professionals proficient in HTML do not require much time to master HTML5, it becomes easier and faster for them to work with HTML5. These developers are also aware of the fact that there could be certain changes with the language in the near future and they would have to deal with it.
Scores of mobile app developers prefer C++ for developing Android and Windows mobile application, considering it most apt for the job. The programming language has been around for quite some time, professionals with the proficiency of this language are easy to find. It may be used to develop multi-purpose applications across almost all platforms.



Global Computer Genetics is keen to develop user friendly mobile applications for our clients, specializing in Android and iOS application development. Our company is competent in mobile application development across all popular platforms. Practically, the demand for Android and iOS application development is more as compared to other platforms.
We are not merely an Android and iOS application development company. Our capabilities extend to developing applications for Windows, BlackBerry, J2ME platforms as well.

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