Lead the pack with customized mobile applications

Mobile application development involves writing software specifically for hand held devices like smart phones and tablets. Developing mobile apps is quite similar to Web application development, though in the prior software are written keeping in mind the specifications and features of specific devices. This way the app will be able to take advantage of those features and perform tasks for the user. Examples of features like this would be gyroscope, accelerometer, proximity sensor and more.


The best way to take advantage of the features and ensure unbeatable performance is by developing the application on the specific device itself. This actually means the code for the app is rewritten for different devices, a very little component of the code is reusable.


Top Companies and large organizations prefer to have their own mobile apps today. They take the services of a custom app development company to get a trendy app.


Custom app development process


A leading and creative custom app development company will always start with the requirement analysis. Professionals sit with the client and understand their requirements and also take the design idea, if they have any. Custom app development companies like Global Computer Genetics have two strategies to proceed with the development process.


The first one is ‘Waterfall’, where the client specifies his needs and based on which the developers create and hand over the application. In the second one, the ‘Agile’ approach, the entire development process is under the supervision of the client. The client can monitor the progress, suggest changes as per his concept or even bring about change in initial ideas.

Quality control

A progressive custom app development company always wants to retain its clients. We believe the only way to do it is by delivering quality applications on time. At Global Computer Genetics, we have a qualified, well-trained and experienced work force. We have successfully delivered several mobile application products for the market leaders.
Whether it is Windows application development, iOS application development, J2ME based application development, BlackBerry application development or Android application development, we create state of the art custom applications.


The testimonials of our satisfied clients rate us as the best custom app development company they have come across. We take it as a challenge and motivation to keep delivering our best.

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