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Search Engine Optimization is a exclusive mode of search engine marketing ensuring a stable flow of influx into your website. We at GCG offer you with a variety of professional SEO services that are largely categorized into on page services, off page services as well as web promotional services. Search Engine Optimization services help website owners not only create alertness, but also increase traffic and thereby sales along with generating appropriate lead.


In today’s web world, an SEO strategy has become mostly significant in order to boost traffic which results in growth of your business. These are couple of important points of why an SEO approach is important for every website owner.


In order to catch and focus to the large internet marketplace where people have adapted themselves to search and purchase. The search engines are the preparatory place for a product search, as they are increasingly popular in usage. In this circumstances where E-Commerce is flourishing an SEO strategy is leading to increase sales and accomplish business goals.


An SEO company policy is also progressively more becoming useful in structuring brand visibility. Since the paid search has become more expensive consequently there is limited scope of profit in some sectors, for that reason an SEO strategy to divert useful traffic towards your website through organic listings leads to better results.


populace favor expected results compared to the paid results as shown in surveys of two of the foremost search engine giants. This number also indicates that the people preferring natural results increase in skilled users suggesting that companies who are focused on paid visibility are rather limiting their searches.


SEO the most important part of digital marketing, hence ensures that you put up a improved user occurrence, enhanced usability and viewer contentment resulting in repeated businesses.


SEO approach has several reimbursement like it ensures high Return On Investment ( ROI), long term brand and product positioning, increase variety visibility, targeting specific traffic to your website, most cost effective source of marketing your sites, increase accessibility resulting in pleasant user experience and higher sales.


GlobalComputerGenetics’s Search Engine Optimization services are amongst the very best in the industry which provide clients with elite, custom-made both on-page and off-page SEO strategy that guarantee our online business a broad growth experience.


Our committed On Page SEO services include:

  • • Website evaluation
  • • Keyword, Key phrase research
  • • Meta Tag Optimization
  • • Anchor Text Optimization
  • • Image Optimization
  • • URL Optimization
  • • HTML and CSS W3C Validation
  • • RSS Creation
  • • Site Map Creation.
  • • Competitor evaluation and scrutiny


Our committed Off Page SEO services include:

  • • Article capitulation
  • • Link Building capitulation
  • • Directory capitulation
  • • Blog Promotion
  • • Forum Posting
  • • Press Release Promotion
  • • Business Listing
  • • Classified Ad Posting
  • • Social Media Optimization services (Digg, Face book, and Twitter)


GCG one of the reputed IT company, SEO specialist is dedicated in providing satisfied quality and SEO outsourcing services to our clients in India and abroad. We are ensuring the businesses to pay much more attention to satisfying our customers, by providing strong customer service.


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