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As we are looking over the internet, what is there, do we know?
Yes, we know there are websites but how these websites are running there, who manage them, how it is developed. There are a lot of questions but millions of businesses are successively running on internet with the help of website. Website development is not a one step process; there are a lot of processes which turn into a website. With website companies are exchanging their information with their old and new customers. Website application development is a complete technical process and structured procedure. Website Application development company have to go through many different phases to develop a website.
As we know that there are different kind of website and they all have a different procedure and processes to complete the development process. Like we know some kind of website:
1. Static Website
2. Dynamic Website
3. E-Commerce Application Development
4. Content Management System
But they all have different work and different procedure to develop. Like if we take example of Static Website then these websites are built for providing the company information, mainly they work as a visiting card with detailed information. And if we talk about E-commerce then these website works as a store where you can virtually deal with customer where customer can purchase and you can sell either your products or services.
Web applications are programs which can be accessible by a person from anywhere with an internet connected device either it is a mobile, tablet or a computer. Website needs software to run which is known as browser, with any browser one can visit a website and do the desirable thing. Website works as a mediator between the company and customer where customer can provide their information which is stored in a database and it can be retrieved by the company.
We Global Computer Genetics have an extensive experience in developing all kind of website. We are a leading website application development company and have developed a range of website for our clients. We have a dedicated team for all the processes which are involved in web application development.
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